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The Makers Shoreditch

Why you Should be a Young Professional Living in Shoreditch


It’s not a secret that Shoreditch is one of the most coveted places for young professionals to live in the city; served by convenient transport links that will get you wherever you want to be in London in next to no time, a plethora of renowned global restaurants, a rich culture and history and an all-round exuberant ambience that is quite frankly contagious. If you still need convincing, let’s break it down so you can see exactly why living in Shoreditch is the right decision for you.

Shoreditch Means Business

As we discussed in one of our previous articles, we know how and why Shoreditch has built such a reputation as a business and start-up hub in London, and kept it that way. The great thing about this part of the city is that it caters to everyone, no matter where you want your career to take you; whether you are a tech-savvy entrepreneur, a passionate foodie or a suited and booted professional working in the square mile. Not only is it a haven for newbie companies, many global giants have opted to put their headquarters there, making an abundance of job opportunities within the area; no wonder Shoreditch is at the top of the list for the young and ambitious.

Diverse Culture

Do you like art, theatre and food? Shoreditch does not fall short when delivering countless cultural offerings that will always be sure to keep you engaged and entertained. With street art excursions, spooky Jack the Ripper tours, and mouth-watering food markets at every turn (hello Japanese soul food and Swedish barbeque!) Shoreditch is a place that leaves you hooked after your first visit.

As well as having an electric atmosphere with a cool edge, there is also a soft side to Shoreditch; quaint, independent coffee shops, vintage boutiques and charming museums that are perfect for aimlessly wondering through on a weekend afternoon.

Fitness Goals

These days, young millennials have hopped on the fitness train and it doesn’t look like they are hopping off anytime soon; venues offering barre classes, smoothie bowls and vegan goodness bowls are appearing left right and centre, so get in line!

The Best of Transport Links

With the arrival of Crossrail at Liverpool Street imminent and a generous selection of Underground stations surrounding the area, the unparalleled transport links are one of the main reasons why people flock to live in the area. From Old Street station, destinations such as Euston are accessible in under 10 minutes, plus the West End is within reach in under 20 minutes.

After looking at the extent of what Shoreditch has to offer, it is clear to see how this East London hotspot has gained its reputation amongst young professionals in the city. It has countless benefits to offer and has an infectious energy that sets it apart from every other area in London.

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