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The Makers Shoreditch

New Restaurant Openings in 2018 in East London

Food and Drink

East London is a melting pot of culture and full of new restaurants and cafés that cater for your every want and need. Shoreditch and Hackney cover every cuisine you can think of, but us Londoners love to eat so there is always room for more. We have come up with a breakdown of the most highly-anticipated new restaurants that we can expect to see in East London in 2018.


Where: Redchurch Street

What: Spanish Seafood

Brought to us by ex-Kitty Fisher’s head chef, Tomos Parry, Brat is due to have the grand opening this April! There are high hopes for this new Shoreditch seafood hotspot because Parry is joining forces with the guys behind the renowned Thai restaurant Smoking Goat as it will be placed directly above their Shoreditch branch.

Translated in Ol’ English as turbot, Brat will be inspired by traditional Basque cuisine with a unique Welsh twist; expect lip-smacking dishes, with the likes of slow-grilled red mullet and cedar-wood smoked trout taking prime position on the menu.

We are counting down the days until we can smell the alluring aroma of smoked seafood because Tomos Parry is the chef that everyone should be keeping an eye on.


Where: Shoreditch Village

What: Mediterranean Fusion

Mamarosa originally made its name in Barcelona, where it is a renowned hotspot for some of the best food in the city. But, in the spring/summer of this year we are expecting to see its British counterpart introduced to the streets of Shoreditch. Even though there will be no sand or sea in sight, the food will make up for it, plus it is expected to be the place to go for celeb spotting.

If the Barcelonan menu is anything to go by, I already want to get in line; Salmon Tartar with Strawberry and Pistachio Cream and Grilled Octopus with Hummus and Chorizo, excuse me while I control my drool.

The owner of Mamarosa, Francesco Labriola, is over the moon about this East London opening and believes that it will be the first step in his global expansion of this Mediterranean sensation.

Mare Street Market

Where: London Fields

What: Californian-Mediterranean Cuisine

Known for appearing as a TV chef on Channel 4, Gizzi Erskine is spreading her wings and launching her own restaurant in London Fields’ Mare Street. It is safe to say that Erskine has set herself up for high expectations, claiming that ‘there is nothing like it in the London, or in the world!’

Erskine knows want the people of Hackney want, having been a resident there for the past 16 years: ‘There are a lot of creatives who have grown up in Hackney and want something a little bit more elegant now.’ Gourmet elegance is exactly what to expect from Mare Street Market, with everything from a raw bar to a custom-made menu for eggs at brunch time, this new offering is bound to reel in the crowds.

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